Harnessing the Power
of Probiotics to Improve
Cattle Reproductive Health

What Is ProPreg™?

ProPreg™ is the first intra-vaginal probiotic product to assure a healthy and balanced microbiome in the reproductive tract of cattle. ProPreg™ is specifically formulated with three native bacterial strains that are normally abundant in the reproductive tract of healthy cows. These Lactic Acid Bacteria provide defences against pathogens and infections.

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Benefits of ProPreg™

Supports Cattle Health

Maintains optimal conditions to support excellent cow health and post-calving recovery.

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No Withdrawal Period

There is no withdrawal period due to ProPreg's™ GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) ingredients.

Safe and Easy

Safe administration and easy implementation into farm protocols and routines.

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Antibiotic Stewardship

Supports on-farm initiatives to reduce the usage of antibiotics and disinfectants. 

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Cost Effective

Compelling ROI making it ideal for use in heifers and adult cows.

How ProPreg™ Works

  • ProPreg™ directly targets the reproductive microbiome through intravaginal administration.
  • Pre-Calving: Administration pre-calving prepares the cow for the stressful transition period by supplying the reproductive microbiome with beneficial bacteria.
  • Post-Calving: Administration post-calving combats microbiome disruptions and restores a balanced reproductive microbiome to support uterine involution and subsequent reproductive performance.

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When To Use

For optimal maintenance of a healthy reproductive microbiome, administer ProPreg™ weekly starting approximately 2 weeks before expected calving, and until 2 weeks postpartum.

  • 1st dose given 2 weeks before expected calving date
  • 2nd dose given 1 week before expected calving date
  • 3rd dose given 1 week post-calving
  • 4th dose given  2 weeks post-calving

As an industry, I believe we need to move towards a preventative mindset. ProPreg™ is now a key tool in our toolbox to prevent reproductive problems. As most dairy farms, we run with a minimal number of staff members. Having a scheduled weekly task can reduce the amount of sick animals and treatments that disrupt our daily routine. If we can reduce any hindrance to a cow transitioning to peak production we believe it is worth the investment. With ProPreg™, we are looking at treating cow’s health holistically instead of piece by piece like IV's and injectables.

Natasha Sutherland

Stein Farms | LeRoy, New York | 1000 Heads