Our Mission

Healthy Cow’s mission is to provide innovative animal health solutions for farmers to proactively care for cow health and well-being while producing high-quality milk for their families and community.

Our Story

Healthy Cow first originated in 2014, when our founders, Louis, Richard, and Ed came together over a shared interest in food, dairy, and better animal health and well-being practices for cows. Their backgrounds in biology and veterinary science provided a deep understanding of the interactions of the dairy cows’ microbiome from a systems biology approach. 

After years of development and field testing, Healthy Cow is launching their first product, ProPreg™. ProPreg™ is a blend of natural prebiotics and probiotics used to augment and maintain a healthy reproductive microbiome during the critical transition period of dairy cattle. ProPreg™ is safe and easily integrated into farms' existing protocols and routines.