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Health and reproductive issues over the transition period have serious downstream consequences for both your cows’ health and farm operations.

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Negative Health Outcomes

Reproductive problems have high incidences on farms which threatens animal health through decreased cow well-being, milk production, and reproductive performance.

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Antibiotic Resistance

The overuse of antibiotics in livestock has partially led to antibiotic-resistant bacteria — a major public health threat.

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High Financial Costs

Reproductive problems can cost dairy farmers an average of $512 per cow due to treatment costs, loss of milk, reduced fertility, and increased culling.¹

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Consumer Demands

The dairy industry has received scrutiny from consumers who are concerned about their health, the quality of dairy products, animal wellbeing, and environmental sustainability.


Healthy Cow’s innovations support dairy farmers’ efforts to proactively care for their cows and produce high-quality milk for their families and communities. ProPreg™ is a unique approach to using probiotics to strengthen and renew the cow’s reproductive tract, especially during the stressful transition period.

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Supports Cattle Health

Maintains optimal conditions to support excellent cow health and post-calving recovery.


Cost Effective

Compelling ROI making it ideal for use in heifers and adult cows.


No Withdrawal Period

There is no withdrawal period due to Prepreg's™ GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) ingredients.


Safe and Easy

Safe administration and easy implementation into farm protocols and routines. 

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As an industry, I believe we need to move towards a preventative mindset. ProPreg™ is now a key tool in our toolbox to prevent reproductive problems. If we can reduce any hindrance to a cow transitioning to peak production we believe it is worth the investment. With ProPreg™, we are looking at treating cow’s health holistically instead of piece by piece like IV's and injectables.

Natasha Sutherland

Dairy Farmer | Stein Farms | 1000 heads

An image of a ProPreg customer and dairy farmer in front of his cow stalls.

ProPreg™ has become an integral part of our pre and post-calving routine. By helping maintain a healthy reproductive microbiome, ProPreg™ supports the immune systems of the cow and calf.  Since we have been using ProPreg™, reproductive problems have notably reduced. ProPreg™-treated cows and their calves are just better. It has definitely improved my bottom line.

Jeff Nonay

Dairy Farmer | Lakeside Dairy | 250 heads


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