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Produce Higher Quality And More Wholesome Milk Sustainability

We apply Ruminant Systems Biology to "naturally" augment the immunity, microbiome, and metabolic health of dairy cows before and during critical periods of stress. We help reduce the incidences and severity of periparturient diseases by focusing on reproductive health, udder health, immunity status, and rapid "point-of-cow" monitoring & diagnostics.   

Our goal is to help dairy producers improve cow health, cow welfare, and productivity—and to do so with less reliance on antibiotics, hormones, or other growth promoters.

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Optimize Health

ProPreg was developed by identifying and incorporating unique endogenous probiotics consistently found in healthy microbiomes.


ProPreg is an probiotic utilized to augment and re-establish a healthy microbiome around calving.

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Optimize Udder Health

[product under development]
UdderHarmony is an udder treatment utilized during the dry-off period to support and optimize udder vitality.

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Optimize immunity & metabolic health

[product under development]
ProMunity is an oral-nasal spray utilized to minimize the effects of endotoxemia during the transition period.  ProMunity augments immunity and reduces metabolic disturbances.


Cow-side monitoring & diagnostics

[product under development]

UdderSense is a point-of-cow (cow-side) handheld diagnostic platform to monitor and detect specific biomarkers of interest.