Healthy Cow Corporation Accepted Into DFA Accelerator

Toronto, ON, April 2019 Healthy Cow Corporation is one of the six startups companies accepted into the 90-day Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) 2019 Accelerator Program. The six companies are divided into two sections: Ag Tech and Dairy Food Products. The DFA Accelerator connects startups to industry experts, mentors, and resources to accelerate their growth and prepare for the final Demo Day where the entrepreneurs will showcase their innovation. 

“We’re really excited about this year’s accelerator cohort and their innovations,” says Doug Dresslaer,  Director of Innovation at DFA. “These cutting-edge technologies have the potential to solve global issues and positively impact our farmers, their cows, the communities they serve, and the environment.” 

Healthy Cow is an innovative, agricultural technology company transforming the dairy industry by using microbiome and metabolic research to develop novel animal health products that will improve cow health, productivity, and lessen the emerging threat of antibiotic resistance.  

“Our team is honoured and excited for the opportunity to work closely with DFA. We believe that our holistic and proactive approach to reproductive cow health will help farmers and their cows globally,” said Louis Hui, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Healthy Cow. “Being a part of the DFA Accelerator is key to bringing our product to market. We are looking forward to the mentorship and hope to form a long-term partnership.”


About Healthy Cow

Healthy Cow is an ag-biotechnology company focused on developing innovative, science-based, and preventative solutions to help dairy farmers improve the health and welfare of dairy cows while reducing the use of antibiotics and added hormones. Learn more at

About Dairy Farmers of America:

Dairy Farmers of America is a national, farmer-owned dairy cooperative focusing on quality, innovation and the future of family dairies. While supporting and serving 14,000 family farmers, DFA works with some of the world's largest food companies to develop ingredients that satisfy their customers' cravings while staying committed to social responsibility and ethical farming. For more information, please visit

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