Healthy Cow Corporation Selected as a Finalist in Kisaco Research’s Animal Health Innovation USA Showcase

Toronto, ON, May 2021 Healthy Cow Corporation, an ag-biotech startup using probiotics to improve cattle reproductive health, is one of the 20 companies to be selected as an innovation showcase finalist at the 5th Animal Health Innovation USA event produced by Kisaco Research. The event will take place virtually on June 15 and 16, 2021. 

Animal Health Innovation showcases up-and-coming companies that support the detection, prevention, and treatment of animal diseases, to potential investors and strategic partners. This year, the presenting startups were divided into two sections: companion animal and production animal.

"Being among the ten finalists in the production animal division of the competition is fantastic! We’re excited to present our probiotic innovation for dairy cows, ProPreg™️, to all the attendees. We’re also grateful to be able to share the importance of maintaining a healthy reproductive microbiome - a concept that may be new to some." says Louis Hui, Healthy Cow’s Co-founder and Managing Partner. 

ProPreg™ is the first intra-vaginal probiotic product to strengthen and renew the cows reproductive tract during the critical transition period. ProPreg™ is specifically formulated with three native bacterial strains that are normally abundant in the reproductive tract of healthy cows and provide defences against pathogens and infections. View ProPreg™ at


About Healthy Cow

Healthy Cow is an ag-biotechnology company focused on developing innovative, science-based, and preventative solutions to help dairy farmers improve the health and welfare of dairy cows while reducing the use of antibiotics and added hormones. Learn more at

About Kisaco Research

Kisaco Research works with the early adopters and leaders of growth markets in driving their respective industries forward and in providing the right knowledge, learning and social opportunities to stimulate business growth quickly and effectively. Kisaco Research produces, designs and hosts B2B industry conferences and exhibitions. Learn more at

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